Types of Online Casino Bonuses

One of the best reasons to play at an online casino are the free cash bonuses. Unlike most regular casinos, online casinos give you bonuses to try out their casino, their games and how it all works. There are many different kinds of bonuses you may be offered from the online casino so let's go over a few options so you make sure you get a good deal and it's the deal that works best for you.

The first kind of bonus you may encounter at an online casino is the no deposit bonus. With this type of bonus the online casino will give you a set amount of money absolutely free to play their casino games for real money. Unlike other types of bonuses, as you'll see, this one requires no deposit. So, you get to play your favorite online casino games and have the possibility of winning real money without risking any of your own. This is a popular bonus and one of the best deals you can get. The only downside compared to the others is that the amount of free cash you receive is limited and usually small. It's simply a teaser for you to get comfortable with the casino and gain trust with it.

Another popular bonus offered by most online casinos is the initial deposit bonus. With this type of bonus, you sign up and make a deposit into your account. Then, the online casino will add an amount of free bonus cash to your account. This amount is usually based on how much you deposit and has a limit. For example, an online casino says they'll give you a 20% deposit bonus with a max of 200 you know that you are able to deposit any amount up to 1000 and receive up to 200 free from the online casino. The percentage of free cash that you receive also varies from casino to casino. Some online casinos only give 10% deposit bonus while others give 200% and higher. It's common to see higher limits on deposit bonuses with a smaller percentage free and a lower limit on bonuses with higher percentages.

A third type of bonus offered by online casinos is the free bet. The free bet allows the casino player to make one bet at any game they choose. If they win, they keep the winnings but not the wagered amount. If they lose, they move on and can choose to make a deposit or not. There are also online casinos that give you more than one free bet such as 50 free spins in a slot machine. Again, you keep any winnings but not the wagered amount. Although these types of bonuses aren't as lucrative, they're a lot of fun. It's common to make one big bet and let it ride. When you win at free bet bonus offers, it's really exciting.

There are many other types of bonuses available at online casinos. To know what's out there you'll need to view the bonus pages of any online casino and see what they're offering. See if they offer a no deposit bonus, any type of deposit bonuses or any free bet bonuses, or all three. See if they offer bonuses on any deposits you make and not just your initial deposit. Also, see if they offer bonuses on special days. The options are endless but remember to read the fine print. You'll love playing at online casinos and the bonuses offered give you another way to enjoy them even more.

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